How To Prepare For A Web Development Project As A Client

The client's involvement in a web development project is important. Whether you're building a brand new site or remodeling an old one, there are several things you'll need to do to help the developers.


One of the simplest things you can do is to have all of the branding materials ready to go. If you use a certain set of colors, for example, try to have the RGB or hexadecimal codes on hand during your initial meetings. This will help the web design team make sure your brand standards will be in use across the site in a way that's consistent with other forms of marketing.

Similarly, try to have the supporting digital files for your branding materials. If you already have worked with a graphic designer to produce a logo, for example, ask them for a copy of it in a vector format. This will provide an easily resizable image that the web design folks can use to create new work for the site. Likewise, have copies of all the fonts you use on your branded materials so you can produce a visually consistent look on your website.


Know what your objectives are for this phase of the web development effort. If you need to establish a presence, set up email marketing, start a blog, and build a store, then that's your list of objectives. If you don't have the time or budget to do everything, prioritize what will come first. You can revisit other goals once you've handled the big ones.


Your budget is going to dictate a lot of things beyond the design and development work. For example, you will need to know what your hosting costs are going to be. Generally, hosting costs go up as sites get more complex. If you want to have a highly interactive site with something like video or shopping cart integration, expect to pay more for hosting. Also, the development work is likely to cost more, too.

Work through your list of priorities if the budget is tight. If you're planning a site that will bring in money, you may need to prioritize things that generate cash flow, for example. You might then get the site moving and use the profits to expand your presence.


Many organizations' websites connect with their email marketing lists, video channels, and social media feeds. Have those ready to go if you want to integrate them through web development. The same goes for any APIs your site might use to retrieve third-party data or content.